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Central Finance provides full scale services concerning bids: from project idea generation through bid preparation to successful implementation and administrative closing of the project. We ensure the wide range of professional competences e.g. engineering, legal, accounting or project management.

Our main services are as follows:

  • Project preparation: for successful implementation of a project, we establish a thorough and professional framework for the project. Key task of the project preparation phase is to manage appropriate public procurements. Consultants's vast public administration experience and knowledge base guarantees effective help in this field as well.
  • Application preparation and submitting: compiling the documentation and guaranteeing the necessary conditions takes place when preparing the application, on the basis of pre-determined information. Our domestic and international tendering experience along with our practice in quality assurance provides the basis of support for our clients in submitting successful applications.
  • Project planning: we help clients make detailed plans on project subject and frame.
  • Organising financing: we assist in arranging temporary financing, to substitute own funds or pre-finance the project, when our partner has to rely on such, by locating and analyzing possibilities.



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