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Central Finance is an independent consulting firm which assists the Bulgarian and foreign companies to operate in Bulgaria, acquire funding and implement donor financed programs.
Central Finance was formed in 1994 to meet the growing needs of Companies / Clients and Promoters looking for Funding and Professional Assistance in a diversity of Projects. Central Finance enjoys productive partnership with the Investment Intermediatery Capital Markets PLC.
Central Finance can provide disciplined and experienced professionals to assist in all areas of Corporate Business. Our professionals have the skills necessary to affect revenue building, corporate turnarounds, or value added strategies.
Central Finance and its partners can combine Professional Consulting in finance and funding with large range of activities related with the successful running of its clients. Central Finance can stimulate optimal performance for its clients. Since then the main values of Professionalism and Integrity are helping Central Finance to succeed.
Over the years, Central Finance has expanded operations and added services, such as negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions, preparing Business Plans, Viability Reports, and Valuation Reports, executing Due Diligences, and establishing a solid reputation with our clients.
Central Finance assists our clients to receive Tailored Solutions and Funding Packages for Financing their projects.
Here at Central Finance, we make sure that our relationships are based on a true spirit of partnership and maintain confidentiality throughout the process.