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Business planning

Investment assistance

Corporate finance advisory

Assistance in accessing the EU funds

Trade assistance

Compliance services


The firm's principals have particular experience in local projects. Our professionals have local and international background, and significant work experience in the markets we cover. Our team have contacts in Western and Eastern Europe

We offer a unique combination of skills and experience:
A pragmatic, commercial approach to complex legal, regulatory, technical, commercial and financial issues
A network of experienced professionals who have the expertise you need
Local language skills combined with fluent English
Project management skills
Financial expertise and analytical skills
Entrepreneurship and thorough understanding of business
In-depth knowledge of local markets and customs, delivered at international standards.

The principals of the company has over 20 years of experience in fields of Banking, IFI programs, Trade, Trade Finance, Financial Management, Investments and Project Management in Bulgaria and overseas. The managers have played major role in implementation of Finance facilities with IFIs for development of large infrastructure and investment projects in private and public sector. They have successful track record gained predominantly with donor supported initiatives financed by International Financial Institutions World Bank (IBRD), EBRD, EIB, CEB, EU Pre-accession Funds, Foreign Government Investments, International Banks and Private investors. Involvement in ISPA/PHARE Projects, operational management, co-ordination and monitoring.

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